Editorial Board Member - JHBD

David J. MacEwan

Department of Molecular & Clinical Pharmacology
Institute of Translational Medicine
University of Liverpool
United Kingdom

Dr. MacEwan studied Pharmacology at Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities undertaking a PhD with Dr. Rory Mitchell at the MRC Brain Metabolism Unit, University of Edinburgh. A further postdoctoral stint at Glasgow was followed by faculty position in 1996 at the University of Aberdeen.  He became the Professor of Pharmaceutical Cell Biology at the University of East Anglia in 2005, before moving to his current position of Chair in Molecular Pharmacology in the Department of Molecular & Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Liverpool – the UK’s largest Pharmacology department. He has received many honors and awards. He has received two patents. 


Dr. MacEwan’s research interests include:

Signal transduction mechanisms controlling cell death, proliferative and toxicological responses in human leukemia. With wide-ranging interests in cell surface receptor mechanisms, kinase pathway systems and transcription factor control mechanisms, Dr MacEwan is interested in understanding drug-resistance mechanisms and drug-toxicity mechanisms to further clinical therapeutic advances in human leukemias.

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