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Pharmacokinetics Bridging Study of a 400 Mg Extended Release Formulation of the Novel Fumaric Acid Ester PPC-06 (Tepilamide Fumarate) in Healthy Male Volunteers

Tepilamide fumarate (PPC-06) is a new, patented prodrug of monomethyl fumarate (MMF), belonging to the fumaric acid esters (FAEs) class of drugs. The efficacy and safety of a 400 mg PPC-06 dose administered twice daily, achieved thus far through concomitant intake of two tablets of 200 mg, was demonstrated previously in two Phase 2 clinical trials on patients with moderate to severe chronic plaque-type psoriasis.
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Bioequivalence Evaluation of Two Clopidogrel Immediate Release Tablet Formulations in Healthy Thai Volunteers Under Fasting Conditions

Clopidogrel is used for acute coronary syndrome and prevention of atherothrombotic events. To improve clinical outcomes, patient adherence to treatment is necessary. However, continuous use of branded product may cause economic burden to patients and healthcare system. The Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO), Thailand had developed a generic product of clopidogrel to reduce cost of treatment and improve accessibility to medicines for Thai people.
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Normal Value of Antistreptolysin O Titer in Rheumatoid Heart Disease who are on Secondary Prophylaxis and in Apparently Healthy Children at Debreberhan Referral Hospital, Ethiopia

Anti-streptolysin O (ASO) titer assists for the diagnosis of streptococcal infections and their sequele. Normal value of Anti-streptolysin O titer is not available for Ethiopian populations. These studies establishes and compare the normal reference value in Rheumatoid Heart Disease (RHD) and in apparently healthy children.
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Construct Validity and Reliability of a Knowledge, Attitude, Perception, and Behaviors on Dietary Practices Questionnaire for School-Age Children in Panama

The study aimed to evaluate the psychometric properties of a Spanish questionnaire to assess nutrition-related knowledge, attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors (KAPB) for use among school-aged children aged (6 - 10 years) in Panama.
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Bioequivalence between Two Capsules of Pirfenidonein Healthy Subjects under Fed Condition

Pirfenidone capsules are indicated for the treatment of patients with Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. The Bioavailability of two formulations containing pirfenidone 267 mg hard gelatin capsules was compared in a bioequivalence study under fed conditions. The study was single dose, randomized, open label, two-period crossover, with Brazilian healthy subjects, males and nonpregnant females.
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Case Workers Report Greater Caffeine Intake

Due to roles requiring higher levels of emotional management, some case workers report greater job stress and lower well-being. Caffeine consumption and withdrawal can affect well-being and caffeine is consumed more frequently among workers in stressful positions. This project identifies and describes patterns for usage of caffeine, domains of workplace well-being, and correlations between caffeine intake and workplace well-being among case workers.
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Behavior and Genetics: Confounding Effects on Adolescent BMI

Despite persistently high rates of obesity among American children and adults, the complex interplay between behavior, genetics and weight outcomes is not well understood.
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Impact of the Biofield Energy Healing Based Test Formulation on Various Health Biomarkers Using Cell-Based Assays

Various complementary approaches have been used against multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS), which is the major contributor in high mortality among the healthcare centers.
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Assessing Satisfaction and Motivation of Health Extension Workers (Hews) and Factors Associated with it in Gambella Region, Gambella, Southwest Ethiopia, 2018: A Cross-Sectional Study

Health extension workers (HEWs) are the frontline health workers for Ethiopia’s primary health care system.
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Hand Hygiene Compliance among Healthcare Workers in Public-Sector Rural Hospitals in Benin

It was a cross-sectional, descriptive and analytical study conducted in the nine (09) pavilions of Aplahoue District Hospital (Benin). The choice was exhaustive because of the small number of employees. The techniques used for data collection consisted of a survey questionnaire and direct observation when providing health care or services. Comparisons of proportions were made using the chi-square test. To search for associated factors, a univariate analysis of the data by simple linear regression was performed using Fisher’s statistical test with a p value considered significant at a 5% threshold.
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Bioequivalence between Two Tablets of Levetiracetam in Healthy Subjects under Fasting Condition

Bioavailability of two formulations containing levetiracetam 750 mg film-coated tablets was compared in a fasting bioequivalence study. The study was single dose, randomized, open label, and two-period crossover, with Brazilian healthy subjects, males and nonpregnant females. Blood samples were taken for 36 hours after drug administration and plasmatic concentrations were determined using a validated HPLC-MS/MS method. Confidence intervals (CI90%) for the peak plasma concentration (Cmax) and area under the concentration-time curve (AUC0-t) were determined by calculating LN-transformed data. The ratios and 90% CI for the geometric mean test/reference were 97.41% (91.45- 103.75%) for Cmax and 99.77% (97.07- 102.54%) for AUC0-t.
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Bioequivalence Study of Olanzapine 5 mg Orally Disintegrating Tablet Formulations in Healthy Thai Volunteers under Fasting Conditions

A comparative randomized, single dose, two-way crossover, open label study was carried out to assess bioequivalence and tolerability of test (ZOLAN GPO®) and reference (Zyprexa Zydis®) products of olanzapine 5 mg orally disintegrating tablets for interchange ability in the same quality and safety.
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MOX Fuel Alternatives for Minor Actinides Burnup in Thermal Spectrum

The spent fuel from the nuclear power reactors is being stored in repositories and dry casks in many countries of the world. However, it does not solve the main problem of the spent fuel, which is the high radiotoxicity of fuel for a long term. A new strategy is required to close the nuclear fuel cycle, and for the sustainability of the nuclear power generation. This strategy could be the plutonium recycling to obtain more energy and recycle the Minor actinides produced during the irradiation, to transmute them into less radioactive products. In this work, we assess the amounts of Minor actinides generated in different fuel designs and the amounts of Minor actinides remaining after recycle them in a thermal reactor.
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Karoshi: A Sword of Damocles Hanging over Chinese High-pressure Doctors

A growing body of evidence gathered over the past 10 years has demonstrated a clear escalation of sudden death (SD) in Chinese medical staff. This retrospective study was conceived to explore the first evidence of signs of SD, relieving clinical workload and strengthening protection against the overload of Chinese medical staff.
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Is the Emergency Bag of the Doctor of a Rural Medical Capacity Ready for Emergencies? A Quality Improvement Project (QIP) in a Greek Rural Health Center

This article describes the procedure we followed in a small rural medical capacity in Greece, to improve a crucial aspect of the everyday clinical practice and adopt a culture of auto-regulation through the procedure of Audit. As Doctors of the Amfiklia Health Center we are often called to leave the office and deal with emergency cases out of the Health Center. It was common ground that the maintenance of the Emergency Bag we use in these cases is neglected. We audited our practice using certain standards, analyzed the findings, recommended regulations, implemented the changes and re-audited our practice. At the end of this project we managed to ensure that the Emergency Bag has almost all of the necessary drugs and consumables which will be in-date. We also managed to improve our practice with regards to the appropriate recording of the Controlled Drugs used during such cases.
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