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Role of Water Layer on Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Self-Assembled Monolayer Surface

The water layer adjacent to the hydrophobic and hydrophilic moieties of self-assembled monolayer surface plays an important role on formation of densely packed self-assembled monolayers. Fourier transforms infrared spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy based study shows that the quality of self-assembled monolayer of thiols is dependent on re-structuring of surrounded water molecules.
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Characteristic Human Scent Compounds Trapped on Natural and Synthetic Fabrics as analyzed by SPME-GC/MS

The collection of human odor volatiles is of interest to forensic applications as a path to investigate canine scent discriminations in legal investigations. A study using a selected array of previously identified human odor compounds has been conducted to determine the retention and release capabilities of five (5) natural and synthetic fabric types, cotton (mercerized fabric and gauze matrix), polyester, rayon and wool.
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