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Who is Liable? : A Question That Can Change the Life of the Dentist

India has one of the finest constitutions among all. It deals with every aspect of human activity, dentistry is one of them. The dentist is a health professional whose duty is to practice dentistry at a certain standard of care. The breach of this duty is known as negligence. Thanks to our media, people are aware of many laws but at the same time the definition of grievance has changed, plaintiff commence cases on others for their personal benefits.
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Remineralization Activities of Bioactive Materials and Nanotechnological Products Used in Pediatric Dentistry

Tooth decay is a progressive disease caused by acid fermentation of carbohydrates by pathogenic microorganisms in the mouth, leading to demineralization of teeth.
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New Resin Cements Agents in Conservative Dentistry: Indications and Possible Risks. Rev Literature

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All-On-Four Concept in Implant Dentistry: A Literature Review

implantIntroductionThe implant technology developed as the all-on-four concept is offered as an alternative to conventional implant applications. In the all-on-four technique, 4 implants are placed in the interforaminal region in the mandible and in the pre-maxillary region in total edentulism cases. This application is based on the placement of two of these implants to the anterior region so as to be perpendicular to the occlusal plane, and on the placement of two implants to the posterior region so as to be inclined 30-45o. These implants are ensured to function by making immediate fixed complete denture over them. The patient is administered with permanent fixed full arch restoration 3 months later. The reduction of surgical procedures and the functioning of immediate dentures are important by means of this system. The purpose of this study is to compile the clinical and research articles regarding the all-on-four implant concept, to determine the basic principles of this concept, and to present the advantages and disadvantages of the method. The all-on-four concept can be an alternative and potential treatment method especially in atrophic edentulous jaws, its routine clinical practices can be performed, but it is necessary to increase long-term clinical controlled studies.
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Shade Matching in Aesthetic Dentistry – From Past to Recent Advances

Aesthetic restorative efforts in the formation of beautiful smiles are defined and guided by certain universal principles. An understanding of the science of color and color perception is crucial to success in the ever expanding field of aesthetic restorative dentistry. Just as the disharmony is created by a discordant note in a symphony, the wrong shades can destroy the result and thus, this necessitates the thorough knowledge and understanding of the concept of shade selection.
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Semiological Profile of Documented Apical Periodontitis: Case of the Clinic of Operative Dentistry and Endodontics (ODE) of the Department of Dentistry of Dakar

The prevalence of teeth carriers of periodontitis apical is universally high. Only the decontamination of the root canal system through cleaning, it’s shaping and its waterproof filling can ensure the eradication of infection at the level of the peri apex. The purpose of this prospective study was to establish the semiological profile of different types of periodontitis apical. The different characteristics used are subjective signs reported by the patient about the pain but also the clinical and radiographic features of each tooth with apical periodontitis.
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Replacement of Missing Lateral Incisor Using A Zirconium Resin-Bonded Fixed Partial Denture: A Clinical Report

This clinical report describes the treatment of a 22-year-old female patient with maxillary lateral incisor agenesis. All-ceramic resin-bonded fixed partial dentures (RBFPD) were selected as the most conservative and esthetic treatment option.
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Frenectomy as a Treatment Modality for Minimal Median Cleft of the Upper Lip

Cleft lip is a common craniofacial anomaly. Median cleft lip is a midline vertical cleft through the upper lip. Of all the types of clefts, minimal Median cleft of the upper lip is a very rare craniofacial anomaly.
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Computed Tomography Use on Age Estimation in Forensic Dentistry: A Review

Computed tomography is an alternate imaging modality which can be used to estimate age and to aid on human identification in Forensic Dentistry.
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The Dental Identification of the Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut

Recently, an Egyptian archaeologist, Dr Zahi Hawass, found few mummies. He was convinced that one of them was Hatshepsut, the famous Egyptian queen
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Parry Romberg Syndrome: A Case Report

Parry-Romberg syndrome is a rare disorder characterized by slowly progressive deterioration of the skin and soft tissues of half of the face. The syndrome presents with characteristic skeletal, dental, and soft tissue changes in the affected half of the face, with or without neurological signs and symptoms.
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Study the Effects of Communication Skills Training on Satisfaction and Anxiety Level of Dentistry Students and their Patients

Patient anxiety about the dental procedures is one of the most common problems in this profession. Most people avoid going to a dentist because of their fear and anxiety.
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The Medico-Legal Importance of Establishing Human Identity by Palatal Rugoscopy: Evaluation of the Immutability and Individuality of Palatal Rugae under the Influence of Ante Mortem Orthodontic Treatment

The palatal rugae can be an alternative method of forensic identification. Through the years, several investigations focused on the effect of orthodontic treatment in the palatal rugae pattern.
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Oral Health - Related Quality of Life of Periodontal Patients in a Syrian Sample - A Pilot Study

Periodontal disease is a major oral health problem, in which specific species of bacteria play an important role in its progressing and severity. Because chronic periodontitis is believed to be asymptomatic in its initial stages, it has been suggested that individuals may be unaware of their clinical periodontal status [1-3] and underestimate what treatments are required, as judged by dental professionals [4].
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Viable Alternatives to Implantology

In this era of implant dentistry, the teaching and indications for removable prosthodontics is becoming a lost art, especially in affluent urban environments, where most replacements are accomplished by the use of implant fixtures. Removable prosthodontics is still being taught and is used in rural areas and in the elderly patients or medically compromised individual.
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