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Ion Mobility Spectrometry: A Tool in the Forensic Science for the Post Detonation Residue Analysis

The emergent threat of terrorism activities has caused an urgent need of improved forensic explosive analysis. Complex matrices, limited samples, and confusing interpretations serve as challenges for a forensic chemist in order to link the evidence to the perpetrator of the crime.
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Evolution of Bombings against Transportation Infrastructure

Terrorists and insurgents have proven their ability to develop effective improvised explosive devices, with each configuration providing insight into the type of target and type of attack. Across rail systems, bus networks, and aviation infrastructure, transportation targets throughout Africa are plentiful and have come under attack. The targeting of transportation infrastructure can only be seen as a direct attack against civilians. Even though the conveyance may be funded or operated by the government, the civilians who fill the conveyance or conveyance’s ‘fixed’ sites are affected the most.
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A Non-Contact Passive Approach for the Effective Collection of Target Explosive Volatiles for Canine Training Aid Development

The use of real explosive materials for canine training involves inherent dangers, toxicity risks exposure, and often limited availability of the training material all of which may affect the reliable training of canine teams. For this reason, the development of a training aid suitable for daily operations is beneficial to provide safe and effective explosive detection training that can provide for enhanced detection capabilities.
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