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Study of the Factors Associated with the Treatment of Drinking Water in SemiUrban Areas of Dakar in Senegal

Home water treatment is considered an effective intervention in reducing the burden of waterborne diseases in developing countries. This study aims to study the factors associated with the appropriate treatment of water in the semi-urban area of Dakar in Senegal.
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Can Bullet Characteristics Link a Bullet to a Manufacturer?

This paper was written to understand if there is a way to identify bullet manufacturer based solely on the shape and characteristics of the bullet. Traditional methods of bullet identification are to use a bullet comparison microscope and look for tool marks and rifling to link it to one particular gun. Cartridge case identification is a lot easier to link to the manufacturer being that there is already some identifying information of the breech face such as the bullet size (9mm), the gun manufacturer (SW-Smith and Wesson), and the trigger pin impression. This research is being done to find an alternative method of bullet identification in the event there are no cartridges left at a crime scene nor does the bullet have sufficient tool marks or rifling to link to a specific gun.
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HIV Screening Scenarios and Targets to Achieve 90% Sero-Status Knowledge Over 2021-2025 in Morocco – Pioneer Use Case of the Goals HIV Testing Strategies Model in a Concentrated Epidemic

Morocco applied the Goals testing model, projecting alternative testing scale-up scenarios, varying coverage targets for 13 adult populations. The model was calibrated using program service delivery, spending and surveillance data (2015-2019), integrated bio-behavioural surveys, and national HIV estimates. It projects annual diagnoses by target group from undiagnosed prevalence and testing coverage, allowing for HIV-infected people self-selecting for testing, retesting and transitions between groups. Scenarios were evaluated for knowledge status improvement and cost, focusing on 2023-2025.
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Dermatologists in UAE - Delighted or Dismayed? Elements Linked with Occupational Satisfaction Levels

To assess the level of job satisfaction and to identify factors affecting job satisfaction in the practice of Dermatologists in the United Arab Emirates
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A Novel Hemizygous Mutation of HCFC1 Causes X-Linked Recessive Gene Inherited Developmental Delay in a Chinese Family

Developmental delay (DD) / intellectual disability (ID) is considered one of the most genetically heterogeneous human diseases. Herein, we described a Chinese boy affected by DD/ID with 3-methylcrotonyl-CoA carboxylase deficiency (MCCD) and 3-hydroxy3-methylglutaric aciduria (3-HMG), which associated with a novel missense hemizygous mutation, c.4442C>T, within the acidic domain of HCFC1 gene identified by whole exon sequencing (WES) and validated by Sanger sequencing.
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Human Milk Donation: Methods, Perceptions and Experiences in a Descriptive Study

In feeding premature babies, the first choice is the fresh milk from mother and if this is not possible, the donated milk from the HMBs (Human Milk Bank). The support to the donation of the human milk (HM) have proved to be an efficient method of promotion to the breastfeeding.
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Evaluation of the Autistic Children Motor Skills: Research Project Proposal

Imitation is considered as a platform for interdisciplinary studies where social sciences, cognitive psychology, neurobiology and neurocybernetics interact, as well as clinical psychology. It is often used to explore various and several scientific fields but few works have investigated a series of linked successive motor actions. The current work aimed to study and expand the findings regarding which information subjects of different populations selected and included for reproducing demonstrated model ’actions. 120 children of 6 age groups divided between 3 years and 8 years, associated to autistic and deficient children were tested in this present study. This developmental scale completed, should provide a baseline for understanding in what type of constraints the autistic child would be specifically deficient in the management of his imitation. The comparison with mentally deficient children also seemed indispensable. The children’s imitative responses were videotaped, coded in dichotomy data, and then put into percentage. Our expected goal is to characterize the traits of autistic motor skills in reference to normal and mentally deficient development.
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Effects of Transfer Factor Supplementation on Immune Reactions in Mice

Colostrum-derived transfer factors are among the highest potential natural immunostimulatory food supplements. In our study, we evaluated the possible effects of supplementation with various compositions that included transfer factors in phagocytosis, TNF-α and IL-2 secretion, antibody formation and NK cells activity. We found significant improvements of all these immune reactions after 7 days of supplementation.
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Sources of Indoor Air Pollutants in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Including Skunk Liquid, Household Cleaning Products, and Others

The air pollution’s situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) can be simply described as ‘catastrophic.’
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A Facil Water Treatment Rendering Cement Kiln Dust Reusable in Clinker Manufacturing

Worldwide, stockpiled cement kiln dust (CKD) has been neither properly disposed, nor profitably utilized. Mostly it contains ≥6 wt % alkali metal salts; therefore, it cannot be reused as a raw material in clinker manufacturing in cement industry. In the present work, a facile water treatment, before and after calcination (at 500-1000 oC) of CKD, was designed and found to help leaching out the salt content that renders CKD reusable in the clinker manufacturing.
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Treatment of Acute Corneal Hydrops with Full-thickness Penetrating Subtotal Keratoplasty (PKP): Clinical Case

The article is devoted to the description of the successful treatment of acute keratoconus by the method of full-thickness penetrating subtotal keratoplasty (PKP).
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Picture Fuzzy Grey Approach for Decision Problems with unknown Weight Information

Cuong’s picture fuzzy set (PFS) has more capability to grip the uncertainties in real-life decision-making problems as compare to intuitionistic fuzzy set. The purpose of this paper is to introduce a new Grey approach in which the attribute values takes from the picture fuzzy numbers, attribute weights information is unknown and develop a multi criteria decision making approach to study the interaction between the input argument under the picture fuzzy environment. The main advantage of the proposed technique is that, it can deal with the situations of the positive interaction, negative interaction or non-interaction among the criteria, during decision-making process. Finally, a numerical approach is demonstrated for implementation of proposed technique and show that how proposed technique is reliable and effective is illustrated.
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Thermoresponsive Crosslinked Ampholytic Terpolymers (CATs): Effect of Salt Concentration on Porosity, Thermal, Mechanical, Electrical Conduction, and Imprintable Properties

Intra- or inter-chain dipole–dipole interactions between opposite charges cause collapse of the structure in polyampholyte hydrogels formed by using ionic monomers with different charges. Furthermore, these interactions are unavoidable as in the case of clamped polymer chains.
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Serious Post Extraction Complaint: A Study at Peshawar Dental College, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa

Dry socket is the most frequent post extraction complaint of patients, and it develops within 2 to 4 days after the extraction of tooth. This study is conducted to describe the predisposing or contributing factors associated directly or indirectly with the development of dry socket after the extraction of tooth at Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department of Peshawar Dental Collage and Hospital (PDC) Peshawar KPK.
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Drinking Patterns and Fluid Intake in the Settings Workplace and University: A Systematic Review

The effect of an adequate fluid consumption is well-known and its relevance for the maintenance and promotion of health cannot be denied. Previous work indicates that daily demands and work exposures, i.e. related to stress, may have an impact on drinking patterns. To date, only few studies have investigated workers’ and students’ fluid consumption and drinking patterns, as well as their impact on different outcomes. However, a review that combines previous findings and current knowledge about workers’ and students’ likely fluid consumption has not been published yet. Therefore, we conducted a systematic literature review on drinking patterns in the settings workplace and university.
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Ordered Growth of Anodic Aluminum Oxide in Galvanostatic and Galvanostatic-Potentiostatic Modes

The results are presented of obtaining anodic aluminum oxide with an ordered pore arrangement by employing two anodizing modes - galvanostatic mode and combined (galvanostatic + potentiostatic) mode, at high values of the current density and voltage. Use has been made of an oxalate electrolyte and a complex electrolyte comprising oxalic acid and phosphoric acid. Scanning electron microscopy has been used to investigate the surface morphology of the barrier and porous layers and to determine pore sizes and inter-pore distance.
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Fabrication of Vertical Cu2ZnSnS4 Nanowire Arrays by Two-Step Electroplating Method into Anodic Aluminum Oxide Template

Vertical Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) nanowire arrays have been synthesized via two-step electroplating method into anodized aluminum oxide template. For deposition of CZTS nanowires, anodized aluminum oxide (AAO) was used as the growth mask for the growth of the nanowires. AAO templates with hole sizes of 70 nm in diameter were used in the experiments.
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