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Huge Pleomorphic Adenoma of the Parapharyngeal Space

Tumours of the parapharyngeal space are rare (less than 1% of head and neck tumours). They are of various etiologies, but pleomorphic adenomas from the parotid gland, nerve tumours and paragangliomas of the vagus nerve account for more than two thirds of cases.
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A Bulky Mass of the Infra-Temporal Fossa

Tumors located in the parapharyngeal space are rare. They account for 0.5% of the whole tumors of the head and neck. Benign neoplasms are the most common with a rate of 70 to 80%, 40 to 50% originate in the salivary glands ; half of them are represented by the pleomorphic adenoma. We report the case of 38 old-year woman with in which the diagnosis of parapharyngeal space was made. The patient underwent a complete removal of the mass. The histological exam revealed a pleomorphic adenoma. No postoperative complications.
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Hypoglossal Schwannoma: A Rare Case Report

Hypoglossal schwannomas are rare cranial base neoplasm arising from schwann cells of the XIIth cranial nerve. We report a case of 45 year old lady with history of headache for 2 years and difficulty in swallowing for 1 year. On evaluation, she was found to have left hypoglossal paresis, atrophy of tongue muscles on left side and a smooth oropharyngeal bulge on left side.
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