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Consciousness Energy Healing Treatment and its Impact on Physicochemical and Thermal Properties of Tellurium

Tellurium is a chemical element, which known to have many industrial applications, i.e., manufacturing of semiconductor, metal alloys, etc.
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Proximate Composition and Quality Characterization of Oil Extracted From Moringa Oleifera Kernel Using Different Extraction Method

This study investigates proximate composition and characterization of Moringa oleifera seed-oil using four methods of extraction (Cold pressing (CP), Enzyme assisted cold pressing (EACP), Enzyme assisted aqueous extraction (EAAE) and solvent extraction (SE)) and compared with olive oil. The results of proximate analysis of the kernel reveals (7.20 moisture content, 43.12 protein, 33.16 fat, 3.51 Ash, and 6.81 Carbohydrate by difference) %, while the oil yield obtained for CP, EACP, EAAE and SE were (7.75, 12.08, 23.25 and 33.16)%. The fatty acids composition and bioactive compounds were determined through GC-MS analysis. Melting and crystallization temperature ranges: -15.86 to 3.21 and 8.30 to -13.63 °C, respectively. There is a significant difference in term of oil yield, with cold pressing method having the lowest oil yield of 7.8 %. However, the quality of CP extracted Moringa oleifera oil was compared with virgin olive oil; it revealed its potentials as a good source of oleic acid making it to be a good substitute for virgin olive oil.
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Topical Delivery System for Phytochemicals: Capsaicin and Capsicum Tincture

Capsaicin, an active ingredient of Capsicum fruit, is currently undergoing “revival” in the clinical management of pain. However, the choice of its formulation is rather limited to the use of “old-fashioned” tinctures and recently the patches. In an attempt to improve the therapeutic outcome and develop its skin-friendly formulation, we prepared the vesicle-based drug delivery system with capsaicin.
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