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Synthesis and Characterization of Clay Brick Using Waste Groundnut Shell Ash

Clay bricks have been made since ancient periods. The higher demand for this brick fails to support the needs. This is because clay is the non-renewable materials. Therefore, new artificial cement blocks have been introduced to satisfy the fast demand in the world. However, the clay bricks are the most eco-friendly and form green environment. Thus, the government, researchers, and engineers trying to introduce the clay bricks with the value addition of natural agro waste materials. In one way, these materials improve the physical properties of the clay as well as reduce the environmental pollutions. Our aim at this research was to introduce a green environment clay bricks of value-added Groundnut Shell Ash (GSA) as a partial substitution.
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Persisting Cough as the Single Presenting Symptom of an Intrathoracic Tumor in a Nine-Month-Old Child with Adenovirus Airway Infection

We report on a nine-month-old girl who presented with persisting cough, and diminished ventilation of the left hemithorax. Viral pneumonia was suspected after Adenovirus detection by PCR, but chest X-rays showed a persistent shadowing of the left hemithorax and persistent coughing despite clinical improvement. Because of the discrepancy between clinical and radiological signs further investigations by ultrasound and CT scan were performed, which visualized an intrathroracic tumor. Histopathology confirmed diagnosis of a teratoma.
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Law & Psychiatry in India: An Overview

The application of legal knowledge to psychiatry and of psychiatric knowledge to the legal issues is the subspecialty of psychiatry know as forensic psychiatry. In India, forensic psychiatry is still in its infancy. The legal issues pertaining to the mental health care in India appeared only after British Rule, with very minimal changes occurring post independence.
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Perspectives and Potential Applications of Ruthenium-Based Nanocarriers for Cancer Therapy

Cancer is a highly heterogeneous disease characterised by continuous uncontrolled growth and expansion of abnormal cells. In general, in tumor cells the signalling pathways regulating cellular processes, as cell growth and division and cell to cellcommunication result strongly altered.
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