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Unveiling Natures Arsenal: Harnessing Entada africana's Methanol Bark Extract to Combat Malarial infection Through Heme Polymerase Inhibition

Plasmodium parasites, which cause malaria, continue to pose a serious threat to global health, necessitating the continuous search for novel antimalarial agents. Entada africana is a plant known for its ethnomedicinal uses in treating various ailments associated with inflammation including malaria. Due to its reported antiplasmodial potentials, we studied the effect of the methanol bark extract of the plant. HPLC chromatogram of the methanol bark extract showed the presence of eight phyto-compounds namely coumaric acid, gallic acid, catechin, ferulic acid, quercetin, apigenin, rutin, and kaemferol. Thus, the study aimed at evaluating the antiplasmodial potential of methanol bark extract of Entada africana (MBEEA) through heme polymerase inhibition via in silico approaches. The in silico studies showed favourable binding affinities and stable interactions with heme polymerase, with rutin (-9.9 kcal/mol), apigenin (-8.0 kcal/mol) and catechin (-7.8 kcal/mol) having higher binding affinities compared to the standard drug, chloroquine (-6.7 kcal/mol). Hydrogen bond analysis reveals that ferulic acid (Asp 77, Ile 73 and Ala 29) and kaemferol (Arg 40, Arg 27 and Leu 74) form three hydrogen bonds. On the other hand, compounds like coumaric acid (Ala 291 and Arg 27), gallic acid (Ala 29 and Ser 76), catechin (Arg 40 and Arg 40), and quercetin (Ser 76 and Ser 76) form two hydrogen bonds with the amino acid residues, rutin forms two hydrogen bonds with Ser 76 and Leu 74, while apigenin forms one hydrogen bond with Arg 27 when compared to the standard drug, chloroquine (-6.7 kcal/mol) which forms no hydrogen bonds with the amino acid residues. Based on their pharmacokinetic characteristics, safety profiles, and appropriate drug-like ability, seven compounds were shown to have antiplasmodial properties by computational ADMET tests
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Leveraging Electronic Medical Records for Legal Compliance and Improved Reimbursement Efficiency

Background and Objective: Septic shock remains an impatient cause of morbidity and mortality. Early restitution of the circulation improve tissue oxygen delivery and increase survival. This study is a prospective randomized single center study its main objective is to investigate the therapeutic value of hypertonic saline in patients with septic shock. Methods: Fifty-two critically ill patients admitted with septic shock divided into two groups, the first group received isotonic saline (control group) starch, while the second received hypertonic saline 5%.
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Pulmonary Congestion Dynamics According to Inter-Dialytic Intervals in Hemodialysis

Lung ultrasound (LUS) is reliable in detecting and quantifying of pulmonary congestion in hemodialysis (HD) patients. Pulmonary congestion holds a negative prognostic value in HD patients even when it is asymptomatic. The pathophysiology of pulmonary congestion in HD is complex and includes volume and non-volume dependant factors. We examined the impact of different inter-dialytic intervals on pulmonary congestion by studying its dynamics using lung ultrasou
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Value of Sugarcane Stalks in the Diet of Small Ruminants: Comparison of Protein Enrichment with Saccharomyces cerevisiae Produced By Solid-State Fermentation versus Protein Supplementation with Soybean Mea

A trial was carried out on growing lambs to compare conventional protein supplementation of sugarcane with soybean meal with Saccharomyces cerevisiae enrichment produced by solid-state fermentation. Yeast enrichment enabled sugarcane stalks to increase their crude protein content from 4% to 12%. No difference was obtained between these two forms of supplementation on the daily growth of 80.2 and 76.8 g per day for enriched and non-enriched sugarcane respectively.
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The cause of Alzheimer's Disease & Relative Dementias is Brain Information Processing Impairments

In the last decade, neurodegenerative diseases (such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and various forms of Dementia) have become a challenging problem facing contemporary society, placing on it a strong economic, social, and healthcare burden. Despite huge and long-lasting efforts, the progress in solving these problems remains unsatisfactory
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Effect of “BEAUTYCOFFEE” on Body Weight A Pilot Study in Patients with Obesity

Background and Aims: Obesity and overweight are associated with a wide spectrum of morbid conditions, which contribute to high prevalence of disability and mortality worldwide. These conditions include the metabolic syndrome, cardio-- vascular and cerebro-vascular events, and fatty liver disease with the possible deterioration to liver fibrosis, cirrhosis and malignancy. Despite the wide variety of treatment options available, which include lifestyle modifications and medical and surgical interventions, obesity is still considered a worldwide pandemic, necessitating the search for additional treatment options. As caffeine exerts weight-reducing properties, we here studied the effect of Beautycoffee, a dietary supplement composed of black and green coffee arabica, together with herbal compounds, believed to be effective towards decreasing body weight.
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Effects of High-Intensity Circuit Training on Body Composition and Selected Cardiovascular Parameters in Overweight and Obese Children Aged 9-12

The problem of excess body weight is becoming an epidemic in the general population, especially among children aged to 12 years old. Efforts are being made to find a way to retreat the unfavorable changes related with obesity. This problem is escalating, and the direction of effective protective actions is not sufficiently recognized. The research presented in this study demonstrate the range of changes in overweight and obese children after an 8 weeks of circuit training program, with simultaneous parental education on modifying their children dietary habits
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Acetylated Bovine Whey Supplement Superseded the Hepatoprotective Action of NAC Drug in Iron Overloaded Rats

In this study, prepared acetylated bovine whey (ABW) was tested as a highly efficient hepatoprotective agent like that of the old drug N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) against the induction of iron overloading (IO) in a rat model
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Antibodies Anti-Proteins of Larrea Divaricata Cav. Present Opsonic Capacity on Candida Albicans Atcc 36801 and Neutralize its Cytotoxic and Immunoevasive Properties

Candida albicans is an opportunistic agent that can produce systemic infections in immunosuppressed patients. By varying its cell wall antigens this fungus can evade the immunological response by varying its cell wall antigens. On the other hand, Larrea divaricata Cav. (Jarilla) is a widely spread plant in America and it is used in folk medicine to treat several pathologies. It has been shown that antibodies against Jarilla proteins of crude extract (JPCE) cross-react with proteins of other microorganisms such as Gram-negative bacteria.
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Being in the Grip of Bulimia: New Evidence on how Bulimia Relates to Addictive Behavior

Using longitudinal data that tracks bulimic behavior among young girls (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Growth and Health Study), we examine (1) whether the persistence in bulimia nervosa (BN) can be attributed to slow learning about the deleterious health effects of BN or if it reflects tolerance formed from an addiction; and 2) whether bulimic behavior is consistent with addiction criteria as stated in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-IV. To address the endogeneity of past behavior, we use instrumental variables, and show that past BN positively and significantly impacts current BN after controlling for individual heterogeneity. When accounting for BN ”stock,” the parameter estimates of past behavior are not negative, which casts doubt on the importance of learning. Making the case for treating BN as an addiction has important policy implications. First, it suggests that the timing of educational policy and treatment is crucial: preventive educational programs aimed at instructing girls about the deleterious health effects of BN, as well as treatment interventions, will be most effective if provided in the early stages. Second, it would put those exhibiting BN on more equal footing (from a treatment reimbursement perspective) with individuals with drug or alcohol addictions.
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Unfolded Protein Response in Cereals, A Dynamic Signaling Pathway Involved in Response to Environmental Stresses

Stress of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) is induced by the accumulation of misfolded proteins in this organelle. It can be triggered by biotic and abiotic stress (particularly heat), but also by chemical treatments (such as DTT and tunicamycin) at a laboratory scale. To respond to this stress, various cellular mechanisms are involved, including the highly conserved protein repair pathway, the UPR (Unfolded Protein Response). This pathway aims to restore protein homeostasis in cells. In cereals, seed storage proteins (SSP) represent one of the characteristics that determine grain quality and are of great interest to agriculture. Unlike dicots, the dynamics of the UPR induction pathway in monocots are poorly documented in the literature.
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Adherence to Antiretroviral Medication and Factors Affecting it Among HIV-- Positive Patients Receiving it at Adama General Hospital

Before the development of highly active antiretroviral medication, AIDS and related illnesses caused a great deal of suffering and death. All of the AIDS-related morbidities and mortality have considerably decreased thanks to modern medication, especially in industrialized nations. However, this accomplishment is still elusive in underdeveloped nations, particularly in those in sub-Saharan Africa. This failure can be attributed to a number of factors. Poverty, ignorance about the treatment, and inadequate therapy adherence are at the top of this list.
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Mathematical Modeling of Pathological Processes in Alzherimer’s Disease

Using kinetic differential equations and the Runge-Kutt algorithm, an analysis of the pathological processes occurring in the course of Alzherimer’s disease was carried out. Thanks to the appropriately selected kinetic equations, the presented model allows to explain the time course of the growth of pathological proteins: beta-amyloid and tau protein and the related loss of nerve cells. The model is based on previous experimental knowledge of Alzherimer’s diseas and is in good agreement with the experimental data.
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Multivariate Multiple Regression Models Based on Principal Component Factor Scores to Predict Bodyweight from Morphometric Traits in a Population of Indigenous Sheep in Ethiopia.

This study aimed at assessing variability among morphometric traits, deducing components that describe these traits and predicting bodyweight from both original and orthogonal traits using regression models. Bodyweight and fifteen morpho- metric traits namely height-at-whither (HW), body-length (BL), chest-depth (CD), chest-girth (CD), rump-length (RL), rump-height (RH), pelvic-width (PW), shoulder-width (SW), head-width (HdW), head-lengthHdL), cannon-bone-length (CBL), cannon-bone-circumference (CBC), ear-length (EL), horn-length (HL), tail-length (TL), and tail-circumference (TC) were recorded on 600 extensively managed and randomly selected adult sheep.
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Chemicals Disinfections and Their Effects on The Dimensional Stability of Alginate: Systematic Review

Dental practice involves a risk of exposure to microorganisms causing many infectious diseases. The risk of contamination starts at the beginning of the prosthetic workflow through impressions. Various chemical disinfection protocols for dental impressions are reported in the literature.
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Characteristic Human Scent Compounds Trapped on Natural and Synthetic Fabrics as analyzed by SPME-GC/MS

The collection of human odor volatiles is of interest to forensic applications as a path to investigate canine scent discriminations in legal investigations. A study using a selected array of previously identified human odor compounds has been conducted to determine the retention and release capabilities of five (5) natural and synthetic fabric types, cotton (mercerized fabric and gauze matrix), polyester, rayon and wool.
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Anodic Oxidation of Titanium in Sulphuric Acid and Phosphoric Acid Electrolytes

Anodisation of pure titanium has been carried out in sulphuric and in phosphoric acid solutions at potentials ranging from 50 to 150V. The SEM and AFM morphological analysis indicates that, within this potential range, oxidation in sulphuric acid solution produces better developed mesoporous oxide layers.
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Preparation of Large Area Anodic Alumina Membranes and their Application to Thin Film Fuel Cell

The design of an electrochemical reactor for the preparation of self-supported comparatively thin (up to 10 μm) and large area (up to 50 cm2) anodic alumina membranes is described allowing growth of porous alumina at high applied potential (up to 150 V) without burning.
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