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Food Habits and Factors Affecting Food Intake Among College Students in Kuwait

A cross-sectional study was conducted to assess food habits among college students at Kuwait University (KU) utilizing a written questionnaire, targeting first year to higher education level regardless of age. Participants were recruited from different colleges (n=678) (73%, females, and 27% males) with a response rate of 98.8%. Data showed that 48.6% buy their foods from campus, and 38.2% of them eat in college daily. The taste was the most influential factor that is affecting food choices (53.7%), while only 2.9% of students considered cost as an important element
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Association between Stress and Dietary Behaviours among Undergraduate Students in Kuwait: Gender Differences

Studies have shown that a significant proportion of university students globally suffer from stress. Although many studies have reported an association between psychological stress and dietary behaviour, findings remain inconclusive. To date, no research in Kuwait has assessed the prevalence of stress and its relationship with dietary pattern among university students.
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Does Physical Activity and Sport Practice Lead to a Healthier Lifestyle and Eating Habits in Male Adolescents?

The prevalence of childhood obesity has been increasing rapidly and there is general consensus that good nutritional practices and physical activity should be encouraged as early as possible in life. The aim of this study was to describe and to compare the current lifestyle and dietary pattern of normal weight (NW) and overweight + obese (OW+OB) male adolescents who are physically active.
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