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Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on Louse Infestation and Associated Factors, Among Prisoners of Jimma Town Prison South Western Ethiopia

Background: Louse infestation is the poor personal hygiene and a blood feeding ectoparasitic insect of order ptrithirapetera. Inadequate access of water supply leads people to acquire communicable disease such as typhus and relapsing fever. Head lice cause much distress and worry in families with school-aged children. There are many available treatment options. Many of these options are costly and may not be effective.
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A Reintegration Program for Elderly Prisoners Reduces Reoffending

Harsh sentences have resulted in many prisoners being elderly at the time of their release. However, the longer individuals have been incarcerated and the older they are, the more difficult it may be for them to re-enter free society. We developed a reintegration program to promote their successful adjustment to society and to prevent their reoffending, and evaluated its effectiveness. Participants were 25 older prisoners in Japan; all were homeless and more than 65 years old.
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