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Bronchoalveolar Lavage Cytokine Profile in a Renal Transplant Recipient with C. Deuterogattii Infection

Cryptococcosis caused by Cryptococcus gattii differs from that due to C. neoformans by an increased incidence of cryptococcomas in lung and brain, higher neurological morbidity and slower response to antifungal therapy. A case report of a renal transplant recipient with disseminated and fatal cryptoccocosis is presented. For this patient and for 12 controls, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid levels of IL-10, TNF-α, IL-12p40, CXCL-8 and CXCL-10 were measured. Broth microdilution assay, in accordance with CLSI-M27-A3 document was performed to determine antifungal susceptibility. BAL yielded yeasts when cultured that were identified as C. deuterogattii through biochemical reactions and URA5-RFLP genotype. The strain presented susceptibility to amphotericin B, itraconazole, voriconazole, fluconazole, and ketoconazole. The patient presented significant higher levels of IL-10 (73.22 pg/mL), IFN-γ (257.08 pg/mL), CXCL-8 (161.93 pg/ml) and CXCL-10 (1000.76 pg/mL) than controls. Different from C neoformans, scarce data are available about the immune response in patients with C. deuterogattii infection, especially cytokine profile on BAL.
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Management of Needle Breakage Following Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block: Case Report

A needle breakage is a rare complication of an inferior alveolar nerve block, but it should represent an awkward experience both for the patient and the dentist. A broken needle in the pterygo mandibular region would be hard to remove and it may also have important medico-legal considerations. This is the case report of a 32-years old man, referred by his own dentist to the Maxillo-Facial department, after the needle broke during the routine administration of an inferior alveolar nerve block for a dental procedure. In this paper, authors present the successful removal of the fractured needle from the right pterygomandibular region under general anesthesia administration.
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Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Different Tissues: Immune Status and Activity

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have been found in almost all tissues and due to their regenerative properties represent promising tools in cell-based therapy. Role of MSCs in tissue repair is strongly governed by their interplay with immune cells and regulating factors.
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Parry Romberg Syndrome: A Case Report

Parry-Romberg syndrome is a rare disorder characterized by slowly progressive deterioration of the skin and soft tissues of half of the face. The syndrome presents with characteristic skeletal, dental, and soft tissue changes in the affected half of the face, with or without neurological signs and symptoms.
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Candidiasis Diagnosed at the University Hospital of Constantine, Algeria

Candida species are ubiquitous fungi and the most common fungal pathogens affecting humans. The aim of this study were to evaluate the epidemiology and describe the characteristics of patients with documented infections superficial or invasive caused by Candida species isolates in a Constantine teaching hospital and determine the risk factors.
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Cost Effective Treatment of Pseudo Class III Malocclusion in a Permanent Dentition with a Simple Removable Appliance

Treating a Class III malocclusion has always been a challenge to the clinician beginning with the proper diagnosis, treatment options and the time of treatment. Few are of the opinion that the malocclusion should be corrected as soon as it is noticed while others prefer to wait it out till late mixed dentition or permanent dentition.
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Complications Following Dental Extractions in a Mobile Dental Clinic

The developments in the medicinal field led to demographic changes characterized by a growth in the elderly population. The proportion of patients with mobility limitations is higher in this population. Since the need for dental treatments does not skip any population group, a special facility had to be developed in order to solve problems of availability and accessibility.
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Feasibility Analysis of Autogenous Tooth-based Bone Graft Material after Guided Bone Regeneration Technique

We set out to determine the possibility of radiographically evaluating the degree of marginal bone loss in humans after functional loading of implants at sites of guided bone regeneration (GBR) with autogenous tooth-based bone graft (ATBBG) material (AutoBT®, Korea Tooth Bank, Seoul, Korea).
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Adults Mammary Stem Cell in Cow’s Milk: New Perspectives and Future Challenge

The discovery of the presence of stem cells and precursors with high regenerative potential in the mammary gland, hypothetically maintained throughout the course of the productive life of the dairy cow sheds an interesting perspective in the research which is interested to clarify all physiological clues and possible solutions to increase or maintain longer the potential production of dairy cows during life span of lactation.
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