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Assessment of Knowledge and Practice of Mothers Towards Iycf and Uptake of Integrated Nutrition Intervention Package in Rwanda

Childhood stunting is one of the most significant obstacles to human development and the path to prevention is virtually identical. An integration of nutrition‐specific and nutrition‐sensitive intervention was implemented by a program named Gikuriro in five districts of Rwanda to improve maternal and child nutrition. The package included nutrition education and counselling, promotion of agricultural productivity, economic empowerment activities, and provision of Water, Hygiene and Sanitation services
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Pilonidal Sinus, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Negative Pressure dressing will be Appropriate

Chronic pilonidal sinus disease, an acquired benign affliction too many across the globe but in the very few follows through to malignant transformation. We report an unusual case of a large squamous cell carcinoma arising from a chronic pilonidal sinus, its successful surgical excision and detailed documentation of wound healing with the assistance of a negative pressure wound therapy dressing. For large sacrococcygeal wounds we evidence that secondary intention healing via NPWT is a valid initial alternative to reconstructive surgery with a good cosmetic outcome and the option for early ambulation.
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Intent vs. Implementation—Food Allocation to Adult Males in WIC Households

The intent of the Special Supplemental Food and Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program is found in its name—to increase the health status of a targeted group through supplemental food. Households often contain multiple members who are categorically ineligible, including older ineligible children and adult males. This paper focuses on potential spillover of benefits to adult males.
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Thoroughbred Race Horses Management: A Key Role of the Veterinarian

The veterinarian must confront many situations when working with thoroughbred horses in which he must solve and make decisions that lead to balance between the animal and trainer / owner of the horse, the above should be resolved in an ethical and professional manner.
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Nabil Zouari

Department of Environmental Microbiology
Qatar University

Zhiyuan Li

Laboratory of Ion Channels Research
Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Joseph Pergolizzi

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine
Johns Hopkins University
United States
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