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A New Type of Anesthesia for Endovascular Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair: 3 Cases Report

Choice of anesthetic approach for patients undergoing endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair (EVAR) remains a challenge to the anesthetist, especially in emergency situations and for patients having multiple diseases. Although two main types of anesthetic techniques including general anesthetic (GA) and local anesthetic (LA) are used in EVAR, little is known about the effects of a combination method. Hence, we report a new combination anesthetic method used for 3 cases who are having multiple basic diseases (cardiovascular or lung) or with complex surgical procedure. The relevant anesthetic proce dure was firstly anesthesia induction with midazolam, sufentanil, etomidate, rocuronium and methylprednisolone. After in duction of GA and tracheal intubation, LA with 2% lidocaine combined with midazolam for sedation monitored anesthesia care (MAC) was maintained till to the end of the operation. Importantly, propofol and remifentanil were not injected with micropumps, muscle relaxants were not used, and anesthetics were not inhaled to maintain anesthesia. The depth of anesth esia was determined by Bis value and kept at the level of 40-60 during the operation. All patients cured and have completed one year follow-up. The benefits of using the method include: 1) increasing analgesic effect of LA mode and preventing pa tient body from moving and vasospasm occlusion caused by patient stress during LA procedure; 2) reducing the adverse re actions of GA drugs on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems therefore maintaining intraoperative hemodynamic sta bility. It is concluded that our method provides a new and valuable anesthetic consideration for emergency and complex en dovascular repair surgery
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Mimicking Occlusal Anatomy Using Innovative Stamp Technique: Case Series

The incremental procedure for composite resin restorations is time-consuming and technique-sensitive, requiring the physi cian to have outstanding hand dexterity to achieve appropriate contacts and shapes. The "stamp technique" for posterior composite restoration is a technique for precisely replicating occlusal architecture but is less popular. When the tooth's pre operative anatomy is intact, this treatment is recommended. When caries has caused the occlusal surface to cavitate, an indi rect approach may be used. This case series goal is to explain the direct and indirect methods of fabricating and restoring stamps using various materials, with a focus on how dependable and predictable they are when done correctly and how much they aid the practitioner to perfection.
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Assessment of Health and Hygiene Parameters in Educational Institutions: A Case Study of District Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir

A comprehensive study was conducted across educational institutions of District Anantnag (Jammu and Kashmir) to ascer tain the available parameters essential for maintaining health and hygiene among school children. A total of 41 educational institutions were randomly selected from all the 12 zones of District Anantnag, focusing on essential elements such as safe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene practices. The findings revealed significant gaps in maintaining effective health and hygiene in schools, with 61.9% of schools lacking a school health team and 65.8% facing challenges in water purification methods and equipment maintenance. Additionally, 31.7% lack proper sanitation facilities, 73.2% lack facilities for menstru al hygiene and 26.8% schools do not engage in regular cleaning activities. Furthermore, the study highlights concerns relat ed to dietary habits, as 43.9% of schools do not observe food or fruit days to promote healthy eating instead of junk food, and a substantial 92.7% fail to adhere to mandatory guidelines for laboratory testing of midday meals. Community involve ment, crucial for holistic development, is found to be lacking in 39% of schools. However, the awareness programmes re garding anti-smoking (97.6%), drug abuse (97.6%), personal hygiene (95.1%), consumption of balanced/nutritious diet (90.2%) and avoidance of junk food (85.4%) is commendable
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A Case Report on Pleomorphic Adenoma of Hard Palate

leomorphic adenoma, a commonly encountered salivary gland tumor, presents a diagnostic challenge due to its varied clinical and histopathological features. It is also known as “mixed tumor, which describes its pleomorphic appearance as opposed to its dual origin from epithelial and myoepithelial elements. This case report presents a notable instance of pleomorphic adenoma originating from the palate in a young female . The patient's history, clinical examination, and histopathological findings, including diverse morphological patterns with epithelial and myoepithelial components, are detailed.
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Enhancing the Esthetic of Metallic Removable Partial Denture Using Axial Attachment: A Case Report

Association of a supra-radicular attachment with a removable partial denture on a metal framework is a therapeutic solution that may overcome the biomechanical and aesthetic challenges associated with posterior extensive edentulism. However, the success of the treatment requires rigorous preliminary study, thorough expertise in prosthetic implementation, as well as active patient cooperation.
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Sézary Syndrome: A Documented Case at Yalgado Ouédraogo University Hospital in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Sézary syndrome is characterized by erythroderma, diffuse adenopathy, atypical T lymphocytes in the blood (> 1000/µ Liter), and a dominant T clone in the blood, skin, and lymph nodes.
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The Mastitis Carcinomatosa vs. Infiltrating Duct Carcinoma with Osteoclastic Giant Cell Reaction: A Case Report

The mastitis carcinomatosa or inflammatory breast carcinoma is an aggressive form of mammary tumors. Diagnosis is made on clinical, cytology and histology correlation. Imaging is performed to look for the extent of disease. Breast carcinoma with osteoclastic giant cells (OGCs) are uncommon. Here, we report a 35 year old woman with a painless lump in her left breast that has been proved clinically and radiologically. Microscopic examination reveal differential diagnosis of Inflammatory breast carcinoma and Infiltrating carcinoma with osteoclastic giant cells.
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A Case of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Associated with Wolf Parkison White Syndrome

Introduction: There cardiomyopathy hypertrophic ( CMH ) is a structural cell disease cardiac , provider of dead sudden at the house of THE youth of less 40 years old . The association with A syndrome of Wolff - Parkinson -W hite (WPW) was describe but stay However​ rare . We let's report A case of a cardiomyopathy hypertrophic associated has A syndrome of Wolf parkinson white .
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Marsupialization Technique in Sublingual Ranula Treatment: Clinical Case Report

Ranula is a pocket of mucus that forms under the tongue due to blockage of the salivary glands, usually causing swelling and discomfort. Treatment can range from conservative measures, such as hot compresses, to surgical interventions to drain or remove the affected gland. This article reports the case of a ranula in an 11-year-old patient, which was clinically diagnosed and confirmed after the marsupialization technique. The histopathological examination revealed typical characteristics, such as thin epithelial lining and the presence of mucin, proving the diagnostic hypothesis. The treatment was effective, contributing to the clinical and histopathological understanding of this condition. This case report contributes to the existing literature by providing clinical and histopathological insights that can guide healthcare professionals in effectively managing this condition
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The role of homologous serum eye drops in the management of scleral melting after proton beam therapy, a case report

To describe a case of a 39-years-old man with marked scleral thinning secondary to proton beam therapy for choroidal melanoma. Observations: The patient underwent multiple unsuccessful reconstructive surgical procedures complicated by failure and enucleation was finally suggested. However, he started improving following homologous serum drops administration
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Complex Decongestive Therapy and Additional Physiotherapy in Male Breast Cancer: A Case-Report

Introduction: Male Breast Cancer is a very rare disease associated with delayed diagnosis and a more invasive or aggressive tumor therapy, i.e., surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and hormone therapy. Lymphedema, shoulder joint restrictions, posture failures, sensitivity disorders, pain or cancer-related fatigue are common complaints.
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Case of the Algerian Oasis after its Invasion by Modern Irrigation Techniques; Example of the Oasis of Beni Ounif in Southwest Algeria

The oasis of Beni Ounif depends on water to ensure its sustainability, like all the Algerian oases which suffer from overconsumption of this precious element in a desert of more than two million kilometers. Because it is the most important factor in preserving the lives of all who live in this arid environment.
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Mobile Based Cognitive Retraining In Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Single Case Study

Objective: The present study aims to explore the benefits of using D-CAP, an android based cognitive training app in Mild Cognitive Impairment(MCI). Background: Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is a transient phase between normal age related cognitive decline and dementia, with deficits in memory, executive function and speed of processing. D-CAP is an app-based cognitive retraining program provided by downloading an application that can be installed on an android phone, developed by Prof Keshav Kumar. Patients were self trained on the app. Weekly contact with the patient along with the caregiver is made to ensure adherence to the program
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Accidental Ammonia Gas Leakage in a Cold Storage : A Case Report

: Ammonia is corrosive and exposure will result in a chemical-type burn. It is highly hygroscopic and readily transforms the moist areas of the body such as eyes, nose, throat, and moist skin areas. It is a highly toxic irritant gas, and its toxicity usually occurs from occupational exposure, most are unintentional toxicity. It causes tissue damage via exothermic reaction with body tissues causing liquefactive necrosis. Release of ammonia has potentially for harmful effects on workers and the public. Although there have been incidents of exposure to harmful concentrations of ammonia in the world there have been few fatal accidents.Presentation depends on the level and duration of exposure. Management is supportive and its antidote is not available yet
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Radiographic Outcomes of FDBA Block Graft for Maxillary Ridge Augmentation: A Case Report

The primary donor sites for collecting bone in the oral cavity to replace missing ridges are the mandibular symphysis or ramus. Although successful, these bone transplants can nevertheless raise a number of issues, including donor site morbidity, nerve paresthesia, the devitalization of native teeth, and postoperative sequelae . Allogeneic block grafts were developed to address these concerns and a lack of autogenous intraoral bone available for grafting
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