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Acute Intestinal Occlusion Revealing a Cystic Mesenteric Lymphangioma

Cystic lymphangioma is a benign tumor of dysembryological origin. It is a rare disease; its annual incidence is estimated at 1 /20,000 in children and 1 / 100,000 in adults [1]. Its abdominal localization is rarer, with 2% of cases of cystic lymphangiomas; but the cystic lymphangioma of the mesentery remains the most frequent variety of this abdominal topography [2]. Through this observation and a review of the literature, we recall the epidemiological and evolutionary aspects of this pathology.
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Schwannoma Palate in Children: Rare Case

Schwannoma is a benign tumor that originates from the presence of Schwann cells of the peripheral nerves. They are usually asymptomatic, do not recur, and malignant transformation is rare.
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Giant Mesenteric Cyst - Cause of Abdominal Distension Managed with Laparotomy- A Case Report

This case report describes the diagnosis and management of a large mesenteric cyst in a 55 year old lady who presented with abdominal distension & with mass in the left upper quadrant. Mesenteric cysts are rare, benign, abdominal tumors to which <1000 cases have been reported in the literature.
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