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Effects of High-Intensity Circuit Training on Body Composition and Selected Cardiovascular Parameters in Overweight and Obese Children Aged 9-12

The problem of excess body weight is becoming an epidemic in the general population, especially among children aged to 12 years old. Efforts are being made to find a way to retreat the unfavorable changes related with obesity. This problem is escalating, and the direction of effective protective actions is not sufficiently recognized. The research presented in this study demonstrate the range of changes in overweight and obese children after an 8 weeks of circuit training program, with simultaneous parental education on modifying their children dietary habits
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Smoking and Male Infertility ׃ A comprehensive Review

Infertility is a serious concern affecting millions of couples globally. Natural conception is seen to be achieved in 80-85% couples leading 15 % couples suffer worldwide. Male factor is an important underlying cause associated with infertility. The debate that the ingredients’ of cigarette smoke negatively influence the masculinity attracts the scientific wit to look into the problem.
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Effects of Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli on haematological parameters, immunity, gut microbiota profile and metabolites in weaned Ningxiang piglets

The purpose of this study was to clarify the response of Ningxiang pig against pathogenic enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) during the weaning period. Sixteen weaned Ningxiang pigs, were selected from one litter at 28 days and randomly allocated into two groups, with or without oral administration of ETEC (109 colony forming units/piglet/d) for two consecutive days. Blood and intestinal samples were collected after sacrifice to investigate the influence for systemic and gastrointestinal tract influences
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Red Blood Cell Concentration Parameters and Gliflozins

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Evaluation of Weather Conditions as Well as NO2 and PM 2.5 Levels in the Urban Areas of South Brazil in Different Seasons

Due to the ever-increasing importance of studying pollution effects on environment and population, the development of methodologies for the evaluation of atmospheric pollutants has allowed great advances concerning air quality monitoring. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and fine particulate matters (PM2.5) have as major sources vehicle engine exhausts and industrial processes. In the municipality of Pelotas, the economical and industrial growth allied to the expansion of the local vehicle fleet have brought several impacts on human health and environment. For this region, there are few studies concerning air pollution monitoring and dispersion. Data were collected seasonally (summer, autumn, winter and spring) in eight points (Porto, Areal, Centro, Fragata, Simões Lopes, Três Vendas, Laranjal,and Capão do Leão) over the city area, aiming to have a picture of the city as a whole. Annual mean ± standard deviation of the PM2.5 measurements are: Porto 48.95±6.28, Areal 3.29±4.56, Centro 39.56±7.05, Fragata 30.28±3.59,Simões Lopes9.5±.9, Três Vendas 3.4±3.80, Laranjal 29.79±2.34, Capão do Leão 24.25±3.2 and annual mean ±standard deviation for NO2 were: Porto 9.06±.5, Areal 0.49±0.94, Centro 4.3±0.89, Fragata 2.44±0.56, Trem 7.20±0.99, Três Vendas 2.94±.22, Laranjal 8.83±.97, Capão do Leão 6.77±0.76. We conclude that there are significant differences in different places of the city, mainly due to traffic and human activities characteristics of each point. On the other hand, meteorological factors act similarly in all sites concerning the pollution dispersion.
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Estimation of haematological parameters among Sudanese worker exposed to pesticides

Background: exposure to Pesticides may lead to high risk of toxicity, in which these chemical compounds can affect blood component causing chronic diseases and inflammations. Design: This descriptive case control study was conducted in Khartoum state from November to December 2021. Objectives: The goal is to measure the effect of pesticides on blood parameters among exposures compared to healthy individuals using the analysis of complete blood count. And to correlate between duration of work according to age and gender. Materials and Methods: 3 ml of intravenous blood samples were collected from 500 participants, 400 samples from men and 100 samples from women aged between 20-65 years, majority were dealers and the rest of them were working at farms and the structural questionnaire was used. Results: The results of these study show marked increase in red blood cells and absolute lymphocytes count accompanied by decreased in platelets count, platelets distribution width, mean platelets volume, mean corpuscular haemoglobin, mean corpuscular haemoglobin concentration and red cells distribution width upon exposures to pesticides for long time. Conclusion: this study concluded that there is decrease in PLTs count, PDW, MPV, MCH, MCHC, RDW, and an increase in RBCs count and absolute lymphocytes count among pesticides exposures.
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Dietary Supplementation of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles on Growth, Haematological, and Biochemical Parameters of Koi Carp Cyprinus carpio var koi

The present study aimed at the dietary supplementation of zinc oxide nanoparticles on growth, haematological and biochemical parameters of Koi carp. The zinc oxide nanoparticles were synthesized and characterized using UV-VIS, SEM, EDAX, and FTIR. Six feeds were prepared with different quantities of synthesized zinc oxide nanoparticles (F1 - Control, F2 -20 mg, F3 – 40mg, F4 – 60mg, F5-80mg and F6 – 100mg) and feed ingredients are fish meal, groundnut oilcake, wheat flour, and tapioca flour.
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Correlation of Hemostatic Parameters with Poly (ADP-ribose) Polymerase-1 (PARP-1) Polymorphisms, Mutations, Laboratory, and Clinical Characteristics in 114 Patients with Philadelphia-Negative Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

Patients with Philadelphia-negative myeloproliferative neoplasms (PN-MPN) are at a higher risk for venous thrombosis. Thromboelastometry may prove efficient to evaluate the patient’s thrombotic risk. In this study, based on data from 114 patients with PN-MPN from a single center in Greece, hemostatic profile was assessed with routine coagulation tests, Rotational Thromboelastometry (ROTEM® ), and Platelet Function Analyzer (PFA)-100 and correlated with clinical, laboratory, treatment characteristics, gene mutations and polymorphisms of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 (PARP-1)
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Effect of the Seasons on the Change of Morphological, Histo-Cytological and Hormonal Parameters of the Thyroid Gland in Cattle in Algeria

This study was carried out to study the peculiarities of the topography, the macrostructure and the analysis of the structural and functional organization patterns of the parenchyma of the thyroid gland of dairy cows (local breed from the Souk Ahras region, Algeria). A complex of macroscopic and histological techniques was used, as well as immunohistochemical staining of thyroid gland sections to identify localization characteristics of thyrocyte populations in the parenchyma.
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The Influence of Meteorological Parameters on Indoor and Outdoor Radon Concentrations: A Preliminary Case Study

In this study the influence of meteorology on indoor and outdoor radon concentrations in four different locations in a Mediterranean country have been studied. Indoor, daily radon concentrations were generally higher (0.2 – 85.0 Bq m-3) than outdoor daily concentrations (0.8 – 3.6 Bq m-3) in all locations studied with the exception of one that was built on pylons, thus reducing infiltration of radon from the ground. Indoor and outdoor meteorological parameters influence both the indoor and outdoor radon concentrations. In particular, outdoor wind speed and relative humidity show a negative correlation with both outdoor and indoor concentrations at all locations. Radon concentrations were also measured at two different levels of a terraced house (a common household type in Malta), in the basement and on ground floor.
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An Exhaustive Mapping Model for Modified Likelihood Ratio for Handwriting Recognition in Forensic Science

Most forensic investigations are done based on the forensic expert’s level of expertise.
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Design and Evaluation of a Connected Insole to Support Healthy Aging of Frail Patients at Home

The main objective of this work is to develop a technological solution to support active aging of frail older individuals. In this perspective, we designed a connected insole in order to encourage frail elderly persons to become more active in their daily life. The project presented in this paper, funded by the French National Research Agency, aims to design and evaluate an original solution to follow and encourage walking activity.
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Effects of Omitting Vitamin-Trace Mineral Premixes from Finisher Ration on Performance, Carcass Parameters and Blood Characteristics of Broilers Fed Corn- or Wheat-Based Diets

An experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of cereal sources (corn or wheat) and omitting premix from finisher diets (from 29 to 42 days of age) on broiler performance, carcass measurements, and blood biochemical properties.
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Changes in Several Disease Parameters Including Abzymes and Hematopoietic Progenitor Colony Formation in Brain Inflammation and Demyelination

Demyelination induced by cuprizone-is a widely used experimental model to analyze processes of re- and demyelination in the central nervous system (CNS). Here we used C57BL/6 mice; a model of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) mimicking important aspects of human multiple sclerosis, to evaluate effects of cuprizone-dependent demyelination on different parameters associated with autoimmune inflammation. The treatment of mice with cuprizone leads to a significant decrease of several indexes characterizing spontaneous and myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein (MOG35-55)
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Prevalence of the different FAB sub type of Acute Myeloid Leukemia related to hematological parameters in Sudanese

Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is a heterogeneous disease. Therefore, various parameters are needed to classify this disease into subtypes. The commonly used method for diagnosis and classification is based on FAB criteria using morphology and cytochemical stains. For some of the categories, immunopheno typing is necessary. The aim of present study is to determine the frequency of various sub-types in acute myeloid leukemia using FAB criteria in our Sudanese population. This will aid in the correct diagnosis of acute leukemia and hence proper management of the patients.
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