ABOUT Annex Publishers

Annex Publishers was established with a motive to spread information among the scientific community. We as an Open Access publisher are on the way to be the world leader in the provision of Open Access. This publishing model permits us to succeed in various readers and provides them access to scientific publications on-line for free of cost. With Open Access we will take away all barriers that ancient publication models to match with the pace of the twenty first century and therefore the large international analysis of research work. We guarantee the distribution of latest developments and research to the whole scientific community.

Annex Publishers is a hub for scientists and researchers who work hand in hand to bring a much better tomorrow for the human race. Focusing on the requirements of scientists, students and whole world, we will be the leading provider in Open Access Publications with a variety of prestigious academic international journals and dedicated to serve the engineering, scientific and medical communities and therefore the whole society by publishing a prime quality Journals.

We will publish articles of various formats (i.e., HTML, XML, PDF, Digital, Audio conversion and Video development). Articles published by our group are freely accessible to scientists, students and research people immediately after publication. All manuscripts published by us are peer reviewed by an eminent editorial board of respective journal.

Annex Publishers accept online letters or Emails from the Editors and brief comments or changes that contribute to the previously published articles.

Benefits with us:
  • 7 Open Access journals
  • 10 upcoming Journals
  • 21 Days rapid review process
  • Publishing immediately after acceptance
  • International Quality review processing