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Instructions for Authors (Author Guidelines)

Author(s) are requested to submit the manuscripts, in accordance with the following format which would help in easy review by the Editorial Board (EB) members.

Title - The title should be specific and concise. It should be in upper case.

Author(s) with affiliations: Affiliations should contain department, university or organization, city, and country of the corresponding author(s), along with their email address.

Abstract - Abstract should be clear and concise which conveys the manuscript in advance along with significance of the work to a broad audience. Above all, the abstract ought to contain a quick background of the question, an outline of the results while not in depth experimental detail, and an outline of the importance of their findings. Abstracts should be limited to 300 words or less.

Introduction - The introduction should provide a transparent statement of the study, the relevant literature on the study subject along with the planned approach or resolution. This should be general enough to draw in a reader’s attention from a broad array of scientific disciplines.

Main body - The main body should include the detailed descriptions of all types of materials used and the main proposed ideas, results and discussions.

Conclusions - A good conclusion ought to be given for the closure of a research paper.

List of abbreviations used or keywords – You can present the list of abbreviations and keywords.

Acknowledgments – Here you can include sources of funding, grants, details about anyone who contributed substantially towards the study etc.,

References – Only published articles and journals should be cited. Author(s) should refrain from using any unpublished work. The list may contain a minimum of 10 references and will be organized within the order of citation in text. Within the text, every reference range ought to be self-enclosed by sq. brackets. Citations of references could also be given merely as “in [1] ...”, or as “in reference [1] ...” Also, it is not necessary to cite the author(s) of a reference, unless it is relevant to the text.