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Instructions for Reviewers (Reviewer Guidelines)

Manuscripts submitted by Author(s) are reviewed by reviewers for relevancy without which it would be impossible to maintain the high standards of peer-reviewed journals. The manuscript is assigned to an editor, who in turn chooses one or more editorial board members or reviewers to review it.

  • After receiving the invitation reviewer should determine the subject is within the area of expertise and intimate the whether they can complete the review in the given time.
  • One can intimate us your opinion of accepting or declining the invitation, if you are not able to accept the invitation you can suggest any of your colleagues so that the editor may invite that person to review and you are requested to not to transfer your invitation
  • After accepting the invitation he/she should check the manuscript title page twice and acknowledgement for conflicts of info provided (about author(s), organization and funds)
  • Reviewer should have a look at relevant portions of the research paper and verify that it fits within the scope of the journal
  • One should contact the editor if there is any problem regarding time or conflicts of interest, based on that the reviewer may extend the deadline or cancel the review assignment
  • During the review process if you find the research paper do not fit the scope of interest you may intimate it to the editor
  • Reviewers are not entertained to discuss about the paper with respective author(s)
  • We request reviewers not to use the information of the manuscript for their own use and to protect it from any sort of violation
  • Criticism should be presented dispassionately and offensive remarks are not acceptable
  • Confidential remarks to be done and you can advise the editor for acceptance, rejection or modification
  • The final decision regarding modification, acceptance, or rejection of a manuscript rests solely with the editor
  • You may not save the copy of your review and you can submit it to the editor who is the decision maker