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Agave Chewing and Dental Wear: Evidence from Quids.

In this study, the quids were found to be especially rich in phytoliths, and analysis of dental casts made from impressions left in the quids revealed flat wear and dental attrition similar to that of Agave-reliant hunter-gatherers.

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A Decline in 2 Consecutive Postmortem Serum Tryptase Levels in an Anaphylactic Death.

We report a death from anaphylaxis in which 2 separate serum tryptase measurements taken 24 hours apart from the same femoral vein showed a substantial decline from 130.0 ug/L at day 2 after death to 84.4 ug/L at day 3.

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Murder with Radioactive Polonium Metal.

The physical and biological aspects of polonium-210, one of the most hazardous radioisotopes, are summarized. Although this radioisotope is naturally occurring and rare, it received quite a bit of attention after it was used in the 2006 assassination of former Russian Intelligence member Alexander Litvinenko in London.

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Acute and Long-Term Impact of Chemical Weapons: Lessons from the Iran-Iraq War.

Chemical weapons have given the human experience of warfare a uniquely terrifying quality that has inspired a general repugnance and led to periodic attempts to ban their use.

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Development of synthetic nuclear melt glass for forensic analysis.

A method for producing synthetic debris similar to the melt glass produced by nuclear surface testing is demonstrated. Melt glass from the first nuclear weapon test is used as the benchmark for this study.

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