Rafik Ragheb

Program Chair and Faculty for Medical Laboratory
Anderson College

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    Dr. Rafik Ragheb, Ph.D., a Clinical Scientist, Biochemist (CSCC) and AACC in the USA, a licensed MLT, and Faculty for Laboratory Medicine. He is a licensed health care professional practicing medical laboratory sciences as a practitioner through CMLTO/CSMLS since 1996 and Ministry of Health (Medical Laboratory Director (Ontario Regulation 682, section 6 (1) class of Biochemistry (Feb, 1999)/ Ministry of Health- Laboratory Services Branch-Toronto) in Canada. In the academic field, he managed all academic functions at higher/post-secondary education, monitored and assessed student performance and involved in the implementation of curriculum and program site assessments. He has received a number of national and international awards. Dr. Ragheb is the co-founder of Canada Metabolic Inflammation Diagnostics Inc. (CMID Inc.) in 2015.

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