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Spontaneous Bruising on the Face, Neck and Chest

Bruises are due to the blood leaking from vessels into the dermis. They usually occur at sites exposed to trauma, mainly the lower limbs, outer hips and arms. Spontaneous bruising (purpura and ecchymoses) restricted to the face, neck and chest are an exception to the rule.
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The Importance of the Clock Drawing Test in Palliative Care: Identifying Cognitive Impairment and the Reverse Clock Drawing Test Phenomenon

Delirium is common in palliative care and often not diagnosed or mistaken for sedation or anxiety. There are multiple validated screening tools. The clock drawing test (CDT) is a rapid and patient centered screen for delirium which can be followed longitudinally. It also has the possibility of detecting the underlying neuroanatomical lesion. We present a patient with a right hemispheric subdural hematoma who had a reversal of the numbers on the clock face. This has been described with pathology of the right hemisphere. This patient experience illustrates the benefits of the CDT not only in detecting delirium but also revealing the neuroanatomical locus which generated the delirium episode and assisted the palliative care team in identifying patients with appropriate decision-making capacity
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Attitudes of the Secular and Religious Jewish Public in Israel to Euthanasia

Statement of the Problem: Euthanasia is a desire to ease the suffering of the patient suffering from pain due to terminal illness and incurable. On the one hand, opponents of euthanasia argue that the value of the sanctity of life is a supreme value, which is also anchored in the basic law in Israel.
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The Development of the Prognostat Tool for Survival Prediction in Palliative Care Patients

Since a common question arises toward the end of life about prognosis and that clinicians vary widely in the accuracy of their survival predictions, it is important that advancements be developed, one of which is to design or improve prognostic tools. To test the reliability of the new Prognostat tool for survival. Prospective multi-site mixed methods study with data collection, survey, and focus groups. prediction in palliative care patients. Prognostat form completed during first assessment by a palliative physician or nurse on admission to a palliative care unit or first ward or home consult.
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Needs of Families in Perinatal Palliative Care and Proposal for a Model Training Questionnaire

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Paediatric Radiotherapy in Morocco

In Morocco, through the finding of the Casablanca population-based registry, all cancers are estimated at 35000 new cases par year and 3.2% are aged less or equal 20 years.
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Clinical Characteristics of Metastatic Gastric Tumors: A Report of 8 Cases in a Single Hospital

Metastatic gastric tumors (MGTs) mean the tumor cells that attack the stomach and grow there through blood vessel, lymph vessel, and other pathway, consistent with the primary tumor in phenotype, which are clinically uncommon, and information on MGTs is generally limited to single case reports. Here we present a clinical series of 8 cases with MGTs, in attention to discuss the clinical characteristics, diagnosis and treatment, and prognosis of MGTs.
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