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Studies on the Nutritional Status of School Age Children in Drought Affected Desert Environment of Western Rajasthan, India

Three stage sampling technique adopted covering 1497 school age children from 24 villages of Jodhpur district and examined at household level for their nutritional anthropometry, dietary and nutritional deficiencies. Growth retardation was observed. Wasting was in 22.4 percent children significantly higher in boys. Stunting and underweight was 36.6 and 43.9 percent (Less than Median–2SD).
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Chocolate Milk Sweetened With Stevia: Acceptance by Children

We investigated children’s acceptance of chocolate non-fat milk, sweetened with sucrose and stevia (Enliten®) with eighty-four children (11-14 years old) under four sweetness conditions. Samples were evaluated with a structured 7-point hedonic scale, ranging from “super bad” to “super good”, for color, sweetness, flavor, texture and overall liking. The chocolate milk with 18g of sucrose with stevia was more accepted; chocolate milk with no sugar added (NSA) and with stevia had lower notes.
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Nutritional Aspects in Heart Failure

Heart failure (HF) is a complex clinical syndrome, of a progressive character, that has a limited prognostic factor and manifested by various extracardiac aspects. It represents a serious and growing public health problem worldwide, both for its high prevalence and the severity of its clinical manifestations, being the final common pathway of most diseases. Undernutrition is often associated with HF, especially in the later stages of the disease, and may chronically reach cardiac cachexia, a severe manifestation related to poor clinical prognosis.
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