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The Common Causes of Death among Pregnant Women in Iran: A Study on Cadavers Referred to Legal Medicine Organization

Maternal mortality remains now as an important leading cause of death for women of reproductive age whole of the world. However, our knowledge is very little of the main causes of death among our pregnant women needing more population-based assessments. Hence, the present study aimed to determine causes of maternal death in the cases referred to Legal Medicine.
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Legal Medical Age Estimation in Portuguese Adult Cadavers: Evaluation of the Accuracy of Forensic Dental Invasive and Non-Invasive Methods

Age estimation of unknown human cadavers is important in setting a crime investigation, such as homicide, suicide or in mass disaster because it can guide forensic investigators to the correct identity among a large number of possible matches. More and more the courts ask for medico-legal age estimations of unknown human cadavers by forensic dentistry.
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