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Forensic Medical Aspect in Siddha Medical System-Comparative Study

Siddha medical system is creating to re-erect of whole world by their facts on human being of health status of living now.
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Can Myofascial Treatment with Pulsating Vibrations Improve Mobility for Patients with Frozen Shoulder? A Case Study

Thousands of patients are annually diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder (FS) or adhesive capsulitis, where the joint capsule contracts and becomes less flexible. The condition is painful, with reduced range of motion (ROM) in the shoulder and arm and causes great suffering, often with difficulty sleeping and greatly reduced work ability. The treatment given today is partly conventional treatment with cortisone or NSAID preparations as well as physiotherapy and other therapeutic treatment which usually have limited effect. The study investigates whether myofascial treatment, using a device generating deep pulsating vibrations, can provide increased ROM and facilitate for these patients. 23 patients diagnosed with FS were included in the study. Three treatments were performed, within set time intervals. The ROM was measured before and after each treatment, pictures were taken with a thermography camera and angles were measured. The result showed that 87 percent got an increased ROM by 30 degrees or more, that 52 percent of the patients improved ROM by 60 degrees or more, and that 30 percent regained full ROM. 61 percent of the patients also reported improved quality of sleep. The study indicates that this treatment could possibly improve ROM and well-being for patients with FS. Further studies are recommended to evaluate and validate these findings. A validated treatment of FS could mean great socioeconomic benefits and an increased quality of life for patients diagnosed with FS.
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Discovery of Potent Drug Candidates of Adhatoda vasica Against Target Proteins IL- 4 and IL- 13 of Asthma – An in Silico

Bronchial-Asthma, Adhatoda-vasica, In-Silico, IL- 13, IL- 4
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Preparation and Performance Analysis of High Temperature Resistant and High Strength Alcohol Soluble Phosphate/Phenolic Hybrid Adhesive

A kind of alcohol-soluble phosphate adhesive was prepared by using phosphate solution as raw material. A hybrid high temperature and high strength adhesive was prepared by adding phenolic resin. The wetting condition of water-soluble and alcohol-soluble phosphate adhesive on the surface of hydrophobic material, the composition and mechanical properties of the adhesive were analyzed by means of liquid drop shape analyzer (DSA), X-ray diffraction instrument and universal tensile force machine. The results show that the alcohol-soluble phosphate adhesive has good wetting effect on hydrophobic materials and has excellent high temperature resistance and mechanical properties.
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Protective Effects of Exclusive Breastfeeding against Childhood Obesity: Finding Evidences from India

Treating childhood obesity is time-consuming and inconclusive exercise; children suffering dominantly in later years are more likely to grow up to be obese adults.
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Reflections on the Effect of an m Health App in Behavioural Change for Childhood Weight Management

Childhood obesity is a growing problem facing the developed world. This manuscript reports user experiences of the TreCLifeStyle mHealth app to bring about behavioural change.
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Availability and Knowledge of Iodized Salt at Household Level and Associated Factors at Debre Tabor Town, Northwest Ethiopia

IDDs are among the major public health problems of the world. Nearly two billion individuals worldwide and about 350 million Africans are at risk of iodine deficiency and face many risks from its deficiency and complications. Poor knowledge related to iodine diet and iodized salt utilization were some of the factors. Poor Educational status, Occupation and Sources of Information were frequently cited factors related to Knowledge on iodized salt consumption. Iodized salt is an effective and cheap method to prevent and control iodine deficiency in the community.
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Oxygen Balance Homeostasis and Tissue Metabolic Score (TMS) of Patients in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine

Patients admitted to the emergency room or intensive care units (ICUs) need real-time monitoring of body oxygen balance. As of today, the availability of monitoring devices that provide real-time data on tissue level of oxygen homeostasis is very limited. The involvement of mitochondrial dysfunction in many pathological states such as stroke, sepsis or heart failure is calling for a real-time evaluation of this intracellular organelle. In order to avoid the deterioration of the most vital organs in the body (brain and heart), we are proposing to monitor a less vital organ, such as the urethral wall, that serves as an early warning signal for the deterioration of body oxygen balance.
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Adhesion of Aqueous Solution of TX-100 and TX-165 Mixture with Propanol to Quartz

The contact angle of aqueous solutions of TX-100 and TX-165 mixture with propanol on quartz was measured. Wetting of the quartz based on the surfactant mixtures and propanol adsorption at the solution-air, quartz-air and quartz-solution interfaces was analyzed from the obtained results.
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Xeroderma Pigmentosum Groups C and A in Algerian Patients with Deregulation of both Transcription and DNA Repair

Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) is a rare autosomal recessive disorder characterized by an extreme sensitivity to UV rays from sunlight, a high incidence of skin cancer and occasional neurological symptoms. XP, primarily defined as a DNA repair syndrome, has been found associated with defects in the Nucleotide Excision Repair (NER) pathway, and more recently by transcriptional deregulation. XP results from mutations in eight genes (XPA to XPG and XPV) coding for proteins involved in NER.
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The development and validation of the Factors Affecting Adherence Scale in Greece

Despite hypertension is a major cardiovascular risk factor; only a few patients are adherent to therapy. Therefore, it is essential the acknowledgment of factors affecting adherence. The development and validation of a scale assessing factors affecting patients’ adherence to the therapeutic regimen.
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Correlation and Path Analysis Studies in Medium Duration Rice Varieties of Andhra Pradesh

The present investigation is carried out to study the correlation and path analysis in twenty five medium duration (120-125 days) varieties of rice (Oryza sativa L.). Character association of the yield attributing traits reveled significant positive association of grain yield per hectare with plant height, 1000 seed weight and panicle length. Hence selection in these traits can improve yield.
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New Resin Cements Agents in Conservative Dentistry: Indications and Possible Risks. Rev Literature

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Determinants of Medication Adherence in Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy

A major issue in adherence to medical treatment in nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (NVP) is mothers’ fear of perceived teratogenic damage. The objective of this study was to identify predictors of adherence to medication treatment in NVP. A prospective cohort study based on telephone interviews among women who experienced NVP and counseled by Motherisk Israel NVP Helpline, located in a teratology information service. The consultation was divided into pharmacological and non-pharmacological recommendations. Data on adherence to medications and pregnancy outcomes were collected during telephone follow up interviews which were carried out soon after the birth of the child.
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The Effect of Different Surface Treatments and Cement Materials on the Bonding between Dentine and Restorative Materials

The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of different surface treatments and cement materials on the bonding between dentine and restorative materials. In this study, 135 extracted third human molars, three different restorative materials (Cr-Co alloys, composite and zirconia) were used. Acid etching and sandblasting were used the surface of materials and one group was identified to control group. After the surface treatments, restorative materials were bonded to dentine with three cement materials (self-adhesive resin cement, conventional resin cement and glass ionomer cement). The shear bond strength (SBS) test was applied by using a universal testing machine. The statistically analysis of obtained data were performed with use n-way analysis of variance test.The result of n-way analysis of variance test showed that there were statically significant differences either surface treatments or luting cements on the bonding dentine to restorative materials (p=0.001). The results showed that the lowest shear bond value (3.24±3.62 N) was identified in control group of zirconia materials bonded to dentine with glass ionomer cement. The highest shear bond value (94.66±68.36 N) was identified in acid etched composite materials bonded to dentine with conventional resin cement.
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