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Investigating Heterogeneity in Mortality of Male Pensioners

In this paper, the objective was to study differential factors that explains the mortality rates of male pensioners, comparing the survival patterns of early and normal retirees through a non-parametric approach and a Cox-Proportional Hazard model.
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Synergistic Eeffect of Polyene Antifungals and Silver Nanoparticles Against Candida Parapsilosis

Candidiasis is a fungal infection caused by yeasts of the genus Candida spp. Among several pathogenic Candida species, we can highlight the C. parapsilosis due to susceptibility profile. Amphotericin B and nystatin are polyene antifungal drugs most frequently used to combat this type of infection. Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) also have antifungal properties and can also provide synergistic action when combined with classic antifungals. Therefore, the aim of this study was evaluate the synergistic action of AgNPs, amphotericin B and nystatin against C. parapsilosis.
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Stigma and Discriminatory Attitude towards People Living with HIV/AIDS among High School Students

In 1987, the World Health Organization Global Programme on AIDS identified three phases of the HIV/AIDS epidemic: the epidemic of HIV, the epidemic of AIDS, and the epidemic of stigma and discrimination. The report also notified that the third phase is a central issue to the global AIDS challenge and the disease itself. Despite continued multilateral efforts to tackle HIV/AIDS, stigma and discrimination remain among the most poorly understood aspects of the epidemic. In this paper, stigma and discriminatory attitude among high school students was assessed.
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Monotherapy versus Combination Therapy for the Treatment of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in Cystic Fibrosis Patients

Infection with Pseudomonas aeruginosa in cystic fibrosis (CF) patients is a strong contributor to respiratory failure and associated mortality. Bacteria colonizing a cystic fibrosis lung commonly form biofilms that greatly contribute to increased antibiotic resistance and hypermutability. Antimicrobial treatment in these cases can be either through the use of a single agent (monotherapy) or through a combination of agents (combination therapy).
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A Review on Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory and Gastroprotective Abilities of Mango (Magnifera indica) Leaf Extract and Mangiferin

Mango (Mangifera indica Linn.) trees have been cultivated and grown in Southern and Eastern India for thousands of years and have slowly spread all over the world. For over 4,000 years various parts of mango trees including leaf and fruit pulp have been extensively used in Ayurvedic and Unani medicines.
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Carcass and Meat Quality Characteristics of Omani Sheep Fed Diets Based on Raw or Processed Mesquite (Prosopis Juliflora) Pods

Inclusion of soaked or roasted Mesquite pods at high level in concentrate diets for sheep to improve feed intake and reduce production cost has not been studied. The novelty of this study was to evaluate the effect of incorporating soaked or roasted Mesquite pods at 50% level in formulated concentrates on carcass and meat quality of Omani sheep.
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Dynamic Institutionalization of Research in the Field of Colorectal Tumour Markers

Institutionalization and internationalization of modern interdisciplinary research belong to the essential components of scientific communications. Our purpose was to analyze scientometrically the dynamic science institutionalization on colorectal tumour markers as reflected in four information portals. In June 2017, a retrospective problem-oriented, title-word based search was performed in Web of Science Core Collection (WoS), MEDLINE and BIOSIS Citation Index (BIOSIS) of Web of Knowledge as well as in Scopus for 1987-2016.
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The Blue Water Navy and the Question of Exposure to Agent Orange

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs has consistently denied the estimated 90,000 Vietnam veterans who served on ships off the coast of Vietnam that they were exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, and thus do not qualify for health care and compensation as provided for under the terms of the Agent Orange Act of 1991. Extensive scientific evidence and historical records concluded that it was highly unlikely that Blue Water Navy personnel were ever exposed to Agent Orange while serving off the coast of Vietnam.
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Drugs of Abuse and Addiction - Overview and Current Status

Today, both nonprescription and prescription drugs used by people for disease treatment, illicit or reward purposes have diverse effects on health permanently or long-lastingly. The effects may even continue and lead to the death or disabilities in child when a person is no longer use the substance. Substances that cause addiction trigger intense feeling of euphoria then lead to loss of control of self-behavior and perception.
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Hydatid disease of the pancreas is a rare condition, with an incidence of less than 1%. Establishing diagnosis may be difficult because clinical and imaging findings are similar to other more commonly encountered cystic lesions of the pancreas. We present a case of isolated Hydatid cyst in the tail of pancreas which masquerading as the mucinous cystic neoplasm of the pancreas.
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Regularized Joint Estimation of Related VAR Models via Group Lasso

In a number of applications, one has access to high-dimensional time series data on several related subjects. Natural example comes from medical experiments: brain fMRI time series data for various groups of patients, be it controls or individuals with a specific mental disorder.
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Effects of Omitting Vitamin-Trace Mineral Premixes from Finisher Ration on Performance, Carcass Parameters and Blood Characteristics of Broilers Fed Corn- or Wheat-Based Diets

An experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of cereal sources (corn or wheat) and omitting premix from finisher diets (from 29 to 42 days of age) on broiler performance, carcass measurements, and blood biochemical properties.
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Detection of the Triclorfon Base on Bioluminescence Resonance Transfer among Functional CdZnSe/ZnS Quantum Dots

The synthesis of ternary quantum dots (TQDs) have a significant effect on the use of nano scale crystals in biology, photonics and photovoltaic. Rather than controlling the size of TQDs, making three-component TQDs is also an approach to changing the energy of their barrier width, typically using three-component substances such as Znx Cd1-xSe.
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Textiloma in leg – A Diagnostic Quandary

A variety of agents are used during any surgical procedure to control intraoperative bleeding. Most of them are meant to be removed at the end of the procedure. Sometimes these are accidentally forgotten at the operative site which may present with different clinical symptoms subsequently.
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Acute Intestinal Occlusion Revealing a Cystic Mesenteric Lymphangioma

Cystic lymphangioma is a benign tumor of dysembryological origin. It is a rare disease; its annual incidence is estimated at 1 /20,000 in children and 1 / 100,000 in adults [1]. Its abdominal localization is rarer, with 2% of cases of cystic lymphangiomas; but the cystic lymphangioma of the mesentery remains the most frequent variety of this abdominal topography [2]. Through this observation and a review of the literature, we recall the epidemiological and evolutionary aspects of this pathology.
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Recent Developments in Human Odor Detection Technologies

Human odor detection technologies have drawn attention due to the wide possibility of potential applications they open up in areas such as biometrics, criminal investigation and forensics, search for survivors under rubble, and security checkpoint screening. Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) has been the most successful and powerful analytical approach developed to date for human odor analysis, and hundreds of human odorants have been identified using this tool.
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Electronic-nose Applications in Forensic Science and for Analysis of Volatile Biomarkers in the Human Breath

The application of electronic-nose (E-nose) technologies in forensic science is a recent new development following a long history of progress in the development of diverse applications in the related biomedical and pharmaceutical fields. Data from forensic analyses must satisfy the needs and requirements of both the scientific and legal communities. The type of data collected from electronic-nose devices provides a means of identifying specific types of information about the chemical nature of evidentiary objects and samples under investigation using aroma signature profiles of complex gaseous mixtures containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released from manufactured products and parts of the human body. E-nose analyses also provide useful qualitative information about the physicochemical characteristics and metabolic conditions of human subjects without the need for time-consuming analyses to identify all chemical components in human-derived volatile mixtures.
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Characteristic Human Scent Compounds Trapped on Natural and Synthetic Fabrics as analyzed by SPME-GC/MS

The collection of human odor volatiles is of interest to forensic applications as a path to investigate canine scent discriminations in legal investigations. A study using a selected array of previously identified human odor compounds has been conducted to determine the retention and release capabilities of five (5) natural and synthetic fabric types, cotton (mercerized fabric and gauze matrix), polyester, rayon and wool.
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